Special Interest Groups

Participation in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is a major benefit of AAACN membership.

Members can join as many SIGs as desired, and participate in their Communities.

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Groups include:

  • CCTM - promote communication and collaboration between AAACN members with specific interest related to CCTM tools and resources.
  • Leadership - provides a forum to discuss leadership/management issues and works to increase the effectiveness and credibility of nurses as leaders in ambulatory care.
  • Patient/Staff Education - informs/educates members of AAACN on patient and staff education issues.
  • Pediatrics - focuses on education and/or networking for members caring for pediatric patients.
  • Telehealth Nursing Practice - focuses on the improvement of telehealth clinical practice and the promotion of the AAACN Scope and Standards of Practice for Professional Telehealth Nursing through networking, education, and research.
  • Tri-Service Military - collaborates on ambulatory care issues that touch nursing across the military, provides opportunities to develop and share best practices/processes unique to the military, and network on staff and patient education.
  • Veterans Affairs - provides a forum for VA ambulatory care nurses to discuss problems; share solutions and creative programs; and keep in touch across the country.

AAACN Connected Community

Each SIG has been added to the Connected Community platform for all of your networking.

The new community provides archiving of discussions, a document library, search feature, digest options, a customizable profile for each member, and adapts to the use of mobile devices.

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Discover what SIGs were talking about at the Annual Conference

The sessions include presenters on timely topics of interest and there is also time for Q & A and networking. The sessions are recorded and are available to you free through our Online Library.

Learn the hot topics facing this sub-specialty in ambulatory care nursing by viewing the slides and listening to the audio from the session.

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