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CCTM SIG Objectives

  • Support the mission, philosophy, goals, and objectives of AAACN.
  • Promote communication and collaboration between AAACN members with specific interest related to CCTM tools and resources.
  • Provide opportunities for AAACN members to share and contribute current evidence-based information, references, and exemplars to support CCTM in practice.
  • Encourage participation in AAACN membership and activities.
  • Responsible for the oversight, maintenance, and updating of the CCTM toolkit on a regular basis.

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Formation of the CCTM SIG

From Task Force to SIG
The task force members who created the CCTM Toolkit realized the need to collaborate with others with specific interest in CCTM.

CCTM is growing across the country and a set of principles and evidence-based resources are constantly being created to support ambulatory care nursing. The CCTM SIG updates the online toolkit regularly to keep AAACN members up-to-date with the latest evidence-based tools and research.

About the CCTM Toolkit

CCTM Toolkit Available Now - FREE & Exclusive to Members
This online toolkit provides current, evidence-based resources that promote and support the nine dimensions of CCTM, including competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for the fulfillment of CCTM roles. The toolkit makes resources easy to find and easy to use.

This toolkit provides numerous tools currently utilized by organizations around the nation. By providing these tools to our members, AAACN will promote evidence-based practice and enable members to implement AAACN resources into practice so they can experience the positive outcome measures associated with the CCTM role.

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SIG Leadership

2018-2020 Leadership

Misty Landor, MBA, MSN, RN, CNS, ANP-C, CCCTM

Diane Davis, DNP, RN

Board Liaison
Christine Ruygrok, MBA, RN-BC