Open and Active Calls for Volunteers

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Your time, talent, and expertise guide the organization and advance the specialty of ambulatory care nursing. Find below open and active calls for volunteers.


Seeking Manuscripts on Military Topics

MEDSURG Nursing Journal is currently seeking manuscripts on military topics. MEDSURG Nursing is looking for contributions by and for military nurses in all service branches, active duty and reserves, to share their views on the unique health care perspectives of these settings. AAACN members receive MEDSURG Nursing (or another journal selection) as a benefit of AAACN membership. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Editor Dottie Roberts for more information at


Volunteers for the Lippincott Procedures Team ONGOING Application

AAACN will continue to collaborate with Wolters Kluwer Health (WKH) to further enhance the Lippincott Ambulatory Care Nursing Procedures product, and will continue accepting qualified volunteers to the Lippincott Procedures Team on an ongoing basis. Team members will review the 100 updated evidence-based clinically accurate ambulatory care nursing procedures.

You must be an advanced practice nurse to apply for the Lippincott Procedures Team at this time.

This is an ongoing application.

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