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Volunteer Opportunities

Every member is a star!
The proud and happy faces of AAACN members at the 2017 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA!

AAACN members are the strength of our association. Your time, talent, and expertise guide the organization and advance the specialty of ambulatory care nursing.

Below are AAACN volunteer opportunities you may be interested in.

Open and Active Calls for Volunteers

Annual Conference Program Planning Committee

The purpose of this committee is to plan, organize, and assist in conducting AAACN's Annual Conference that is consistent with AAACN's mission, strategic plan, and to meet the education needs of members and colleagues.

The Education Director assists in all aspects of conference planning and assists in implementation as needed.

The main purpose of the committee is to review oral and poster abstracts submitted to select qualified presenters to speak (or present a poster) on desired topics at the conference.

Monthly conference calls, and email correspondence is estimated to take 1 hour per week during Conference Planning (September - November).

During Conference Planning, committee members will spend will spend additional time reviewing oral and poster abstracts, selecting and confirming presenters, and participating on additional conference calls. Time commitment during "peak" conference planning times is 2 hours per week.

The Conference Manager plans the logistics of the meeting site and participates in implementation of conference activities. Marketing of the conference, all activities related to registering attendees and preparation of all materials are done by the national office.

Board of Directors

Director (this is a three (3)-year term)

There are five Directors serving on the Board of Directors who oversee the business and fiscal management of AAACN. They also provide strategic direction and active leadership for AAACN. A director position involves a three-year term.

Candidates for director will:

  • Occupy a leadership role in ambulatory care nursing.
  • Have been an active member of AAACN as defined by bylaws, for three (3) years preceding election
  • Have a record of participation in AAACN leadership activities, e.g. SIGs, committees, task forces, etc.
  • Have attended at least two (2) recent annual conferences.
  • Possess good organizational and communication skills.
  • Have the ability to meet all director role responsibilities, including attendance at meetings, for the duration of their term.

Time commitments include:

  • Preparation for (several hours of reading) and attending two board meetings per year. A 1 1/2 day board meeting is held immediately prior to the annual conference, and one 3 day meeting is held in the Summer or Fall at the AAACN National Office in Pitman, New Jersey.
  • Participating in 10 monthly, 90 minute conference calls per year held during business hours
  • Attendance at the annual conference and all associated activities,
  • Serving as the board liaison to one or more SIGs, task forces, and/or committees; and providing leadership for other activities as delegated by the President of AAACN.
  • NOTE: Time estimates do not include travel time.

Approximately an additional 6-10 hours per month may be spent on specific board assignments such as, responding to email, reviewing articles, writing charters, performing liaison duties, participating on conference calls, in discussions, and decision making.

Treasurer and Secretary are chosen from the Directors. Each of these roles requires, on average, an additional 1-2 hours per month.

The Treasurer, during budget development process, spends an additional 1-2 hours to review the budget with the Executive Director.

The Secretary reviews minutes which requires, on average, an additional 1 hour per month.


AAACN has the following committees:

For continuity purposes, and knowledge of committee work, committee chairs are usually selected annually from within the members of the committee. When possible, a "Chair-Elect" is appointed so that they may be mentored on the responsibilities of chairing a committee. Serving as a committee chair is a one year term, renewable for additional years if the chair desires, and if re-appointment is approved by the President.

Time commitment for serving as a Chair varies based on the committee. Monthly conference calls, and email correspondence is estimated to take 1-2 hours per week.

Expert Panel

Members who volunteer to serve on the Expert Panel respond to practice questions submitted via the AAACN Website via email. When members join the panel they are asked to provide information on their background and specialty to the National Office where questions are screened, and only questions specifically related to practice issues are forwarded to some or all members of the Expert Panel.Experts

Participation on the Expert Panel is ongoing. Experts may request to be removed from the panel at any time, and will automatically be removed if their AAACN membership expires.

Approximately 5 questions per month may be directed to members of the panel. Experts do not need to respond to the question, unless they have information to share.

Access to the Expert Panel is open to members and non-members. It is AAACN's hope that a non-member will see the value of networking with members of the expert panel, and may decide to join AAACN.

View the DISCLAIMER that applies to all responses from the Expert Panel.

Legislative Team

The role of the Legislative Team is dynamic and may include providing recommendations for legislative priorities to the AAACN Board of Directors as well as developing position statements on legislative issues affecting AAACN and Ambulatory Care patients. The team is a source of information for the latest policy and legislative initiatives.

The Legislative Team holds monthly conference calls and also communicates via email as requests are received. The estimated time commitment is approximately 2 hours per month.

Learn more about the Legislative Team.

Nominating Committee

Members of the Nominating Committee are elected to their roles.The Committee consists of three elected members, a board of directors representative, and the Immediate Past President as chair.

Due to the integral role this committee plays in selecting the future leadership of AAACN, active participation by members is expected and required. Inactive members will be asked to step down from the committee.

Selection of candidates to appear on the National Office Ballot is made during the 3 months following the conference.

Three nursesCommittee member responsibilities are:

  • Identifies, solicits, and nominates current AAACN members as candidates to run for each elected office.
  • Initiates solicitation of candidates for the following year's ballot prior to transferring responsibilities to the new committee at the conference.
  • Oversees the annual and any special election processes
  • Reviews the annual Awards and Scholarship applications and selects the award recipients.
  • Serving on this committee is a 2-year commitment.

Qualifications include:

  • Active member of AAACN with broad organizational experience, e.g. served on SIGs, committees, task forces, etc. to provide committee members with a general knowledge of the members who are active within the association.
  • Qualified candidates will have the skills to be able to identify leadership qualities in individuals, and be willing to encourage and motivate people to run for office.
  • Committee members must also ensure candidates are qualified and understand the time commitments for each office. Committee members are expected to attend the conference for a face-to-face meeting which kicks off the work of the committee for the year. Other activities take place via conference call and email.
  • Time commitments for Nominating Committee positions generally include a total of 8 hours: 4 hours per month - twice a year. On occasion, additional time may be required for special projects.

Task Forces

Woman at laptopMembers are often needed to assist with initiatives, projects, and product development and revision.

Charters are created by a member of the board, and approved by the board, when a new project is introduced that requires volunteer members to serve on a Task Force.

The charter guides the work of the Task Force. When a Task Force is needed, a call for volunteers is sent in search of qualified volunteers.

Please visit the Open and Acive Calls for Volunteers page and watch your email for these announcements from AAACN. Apply for opportunities that fit your expertise and your schedule!

Silent Auction at Conference

Volunteers seek donors through articles in ViewPoint, email newsletters, receive donations on site at the conference, and help with setting up the donation display and bidding process at the auction held during the Opening Reception.

Estimated time commitment is 2-3 hours prior to the Opening Reception at the annual conference.

Special Interest Group (SIG) Leadership Role

SIG Chairs serve a similar role as a committee chair. They lead colleagues with the same special interest via networking throughout the year. AAACN has six SIGs - Leadership, Patient/Staff Education, Pediatrics, Telehealth, Tri-Service Military, and Veterans Affairs. Learn more about the SIGs.

This is done via the Connected Communities, monthly conference calls between leaders within the SIG, coordinating and facilitating the annual conference SIG Session, and other activities to keep the SIG active and exciting to members throughout the year.

Each SIG is assigned a board liaison to provide guidance to the chair. SIGs may be as productive as they desire, or may only exist for networking purposes.

Time commitment depends on the involvement and initiative of the chair in leading colleagues. 1-2 hours per week is an estimated time commitment.

Read Testimonials

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Write an Article for Publication

All nurses are encouraged to write articles for the bi-monthly ViewPoint Newsletter sent to members, or the Nursing Economic$ journal, in which AAACN provides the "Perspectives in Ambulatory Care Nursing" column.

Once articles are received, they are reviewed and identified as a CNE article, a general article, or an article with expert content that would be appropriate for the Perspectives in Ambulatory Care Column.

When possible, articles should be written in American Psychological Association (APA) format, and submitted double-spaced to the National Office.

Members of the Editorial Board, the Nursing Economic$ Column Editor, and the ViewPoint Editor are happy to mentor novice writers.