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AAACN to Collaborate with TeleTriage Systems

AAACN is collaborating with Sheila Wheeler, President of TeleTriage Systems, to mutually promote our organizations' telehealth nursing practice education materials, conferences, and information. TeleTriage Systems features an array of quality protocols, CE programs and consulting services, with an emphasis on Quality Improvement and Risk Management. Sheila Wheeler is the author of"Telephone Triage Protocols for Adult Populations" available May 09 from McGraw-Hill.


Nursing Community Statement on Healthcare Reform

AAACN has signed on to the healthcare reform document titled "Commitment to Quality Healthcare Reform: A Consensus Statement from the Nursing Community." The document, created with Congress in mind, is the result of intense collaboration and consensus building over the course of nearly five months. Specific legislative/regulatory recommendations illustrate what changes need to be made during healthcare reform so that nurses can continue provide quality care. 



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