Ambulatory Care Nurse Residency Program

Transition to the Specialty of Ambulatory Care

Nurse residencies are an effective strategy to increase nurse retention and help RNs transition to competent practice.

The AAACN Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Residency Program is a new evidence-based resource that ambulatory care facilities can use to help RNs attain the knowledge and skills they need to practice in the ambulatory care specialty.

The program is designed for ambulatory care facilities to transition into practice:

  • New RN graduates
  • Experienced RNs new to ambulatory care

    RNs completing the program will have the increased competence and confidence needed to provide safe, high-quality care.

    The program is customizable. With tools and content that can be tailored, it has everything needed for a facility to build their own program, using a standardized and comprehensive approach, including:

    • A curriculum guideline
    • Competency assessment (procedural and professional) guides
    • Clinical rotation guidelines
    • Checklists and templates           
    • Simulation guides
    • Preceptor and mentor tools

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    The program was developed by the AAACN Nurse Residency Program Task Force. Have a look inside:

    Program content and features:

    • Is a template for implementing a residency program
    • Contains 11 major sections; 244 pages
    • Is easy to navigate
    • Is an electronic publication in PDF format
    • Features downloadable and customizable Word templates, checklists, guides, and forms
    • Is user friendly (print, search, zoom, and more)

    The program gives managers, directors, and educators:

    • The knowledge needed to implement a nurse residency program
    • The customizable tools to tailor the program to their specific needs and ambulatory care setting

    The program helps ambulatory care nurses attain:

    • Competence and confidence in their practice
    • The knowledge to provide safe, high-quality care
    • Demonstrated skills as both practitioners and leaders

    The need for a program specific to ambulatory care:

    • As the need for ambulatory care nurses rises in the changing health care environment, new graduates will be in great demand to fill much-needed RN positions. This has made the need for more competent, well-educated ambulatory care nurses even more urgent.
    • The AAACN Ambulatory Care RN Residency Program will also help retain nurses in the specialty and prepare them to handle increasingly complex patient care needs. The result will be fewer errors and better outcomes.



    “When executed with a rigorous structure based on professional and specialty competencies, an ambulatory registered nurse residency program has a strong potential to transform the nursing profession and advance ambulatory care nursing’s contribution to leading change and advancing health.”

    ~AAACN White Paper: The Need for an Ambulatory Nurse Residency Program

    Practices implementing the AAACN Ambulatory Care RN Residency Program should review the program goals and align activities with these outcomes.

    Completion of the program will allow the RN to:

    • Transition from novice or advanced beginner to the next professional level
    • Develop effective decision-making skills
    • Apply leadership skills
    • Employ effective communication
    • Develop critical reasoning and astute clinical judgement
    • Work collaboratively with the health care team
    • Use critical-thinking skills and patient engagement strategies to optimize outcomes



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