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AAACN  members write the Perspectives in Ambulatory Care column in the Nursing Economic$ journal, the journal for health care leaders. The column is edited by Kitty M. Shulman, MSN, RN-BC. If you would like to submit a manuscript for consideration, submit it to or call 800-262-6877.

Index of Articles

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Nursing-Sensitive Indicators in Ambulatory Care
Jan/Feb 2015
Kathleen Martinez, Rosemarie Battaglia, Rachel Start, Margaret F. Mastal, Ann Marie Matlock

Health Care in the Community: Developing Academic/Practice Partnerships for Care Coordination and Managing Transitions
May/Jun 2015
Mary E. Fortier, Donna M. Fountain, Maryelena Vargas, Lisa Heelan-Fancher, Tracy Perron, Katherine Hinic, Beth Ann Swan


Developing the Value Proposition for the Role of the Registered Nurse in Care Coordination and Transition Management in Ambulatory Care Settings
Mar/Apr 2014
Sheila Haas, Beth Ann Swan


Developing Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Competencies for Care Coordination and Transition Management
Jan/Feb 2013
Sheila Haas, Beth Ann Swan, Traci Haynes


Building a Clinical Ladder for Ambulatory Care
Jan/Feb 2012
Colleen Woolsey, Kate Bracy

Models of Care in Outpatient Cancer Centers
Mar/Apr 2012
Charlotte T. Lee, Barbara Fitzgerald, Sarah Downey, Malcolm Moore

The Value of Registered Nurses in Ambulatory Care Settings: A Survey
Sep/Oct 2012
Margaret Mastal, June Levine


American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing Position Statement: The Role of the Registered Nurse in Ambulatory Care
Mar/Apr 2011
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing

The Effectiveness of Reminder Phone Calls on Reducing No-Show Rates in Ambulatory Care
Sep/Oct 2011
Rebecca Woods

Health Care Reform: Current Updates and Future Initiatives For Ambulatory Care Nursing
Nov/Dec 2011
Beth Ann Swan, Sheila A. Haas


Evolution of the Chronic Care Role of the Registered Nurse In Primary Care
Nov/Dec 2010
Candia Baker, Laughlin Marie Beisel

Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Performance Measurement
Sep/Oct 2010
Beth Ann Swan

Ambulatory Care Nursing: Growth as a Professional Specialty
Jul/Aug 2010
Margaret Fisk Mastal


Priming the Pipeline: Creating Aspirations for New Graduate Nurses to Enter Ambulatory Care Nursing Roles
Jan/Feb 2009
Sheila A. Haas

Improvement in Prescription Renewal Handling by Application Of Lean Process
May/Jun 2009
Jane Hummer, Cristina Daccarett

Growing Ambulatory Care Nurse Leaders: Building Talent From the Primed Pipeline
Jul/Aug 2009
Beth Ann Swan, Janet P. Moye

Health Literacy: Implications for Ambulatory Care
Sep/Oct 2009
Mary Powell

An Interview with Health Economist and Labor Expert Joanne Spetz, PhD
Nov/Dec 2009
Peter I. Buerhaus


Preceptors for Non-Clinical Employees: Extending the Value
Jan/Feb 2008
Mary Elizabeth Canaday, Susan B. Hamner

Registered Nurse-Managed Antiocoagulation Clinic: Improving Patient Outcomes
Mar/Apr 2008
Carmen L. Francavilla

Making Nursing-Sensitive Quality Indicators Real in Ambulatory Care
May/Jun 2008
Beth Ann Swan

Thinking Outside the Exam Room: Accessing Community Resources for Patients in Ambulatory Care Settings
Jul/Aug 2008
Patti Lucarelli

Resourcing Evidence-Based Practice in Ambulatory Care Nursing
Sep/Oct 2008
Sheila A. Haas

Career Ladder Program for Registered Nurses in Ambulatory Care
Nov/Dec 2008
Joan Nelson, Becky Sassaman, Alison Phillips


Career Coaches for Nursing: A Strategy for Increasing Your ROI
Jul/Aug 2007
Susan M. Paschke

Crossing the Quality Chasm: Creating the Ideal Patient Care Experience
Sep/Oct 2007
Kathleen S. Gold

Transitioning from Acute Care to Ambulatory Care
Mar/Apr 2007
Beth Ann Swan


Demonstrating the Value of the RN in Ambulatory Care
Nov/Dec 2006
Beth Ann Swan, Regina Conway-Phillips, Karen F. Griffin

Facility Charging and Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC): The New Dynamic Duo
Mar/Apr 2006
Mary R. Figoski, Julie Downey

Linking Nursing Workload and Performance Indicators in Ambulatory Care
Jan/Feb 2006
Karen F. Griffin, Beth Ann Swan


Prevention: The Most Economical Way to Manage Diabetes
Nov/Dec 2005
Carol A. Rice

Measuring Nursing Workload in Ambulatory Care
Sep/Oct 2005
Beth Ann Swan, Karen F. Griffin

Chronic Disease Self-Management: One Successful Program
Jul/Aug 2005
Kathy Linnell


Access to Quality Health Care: Links Between Evidence, Nursing Language, and Informatics
Nov/Dec 2004
Beth Ann Swan, Norma M. Lang, Anne. M. McGinley

Leading for the Future
Sep/Oct 2004
Catherine Futch

Patient Intensity in an Ambulatory Oncology Research Center: A Step Forward for the Field of Ambulatory Care - Part III
Jul/Aug 2004
Antoinette Jones, Georgie Cusack, Laura Chisholm

Patient Intensity in an Ambulatory Oncology Research Center: A Step Forward for the Field of Ambulatory Care - Part II
May/Jun 2004
Antoinette Jones, Georgie Cusack, Laura Chisholm

Patient Intensity in an Ambulatory Oncology Research Center: A Step Forward for the Field of Ambulatory Care
Mar/Apr 2004
Georgie Cusack, Antoinette Jones-Wells, Laura Chisholm


Not Yet Compliant with HIPAA Privacy Rules?
Nov/Dec 2003
Jan Welker, Joan M. Podleski

Global Partnerships to Strengthen the Evidence Base for Nursing
Sep/Oct 2003
Beth Ann Swan, Naeema Al-Gasseer, Norma M. Lang

Performance Measures in Ambulatory Care
Jul/Aug 2003
Shirley M. Kedrowski, Cindy Weiner

The Mega Issues of Ambulatory Care Nursing
May/Jun 2003
Catherine Futch, Regina Phillips

Connected: Communication Skills for Nurses Using the Electronic Medical Record
Mar/Apr 2003
Laurence H. Baker, Sandra W. Reifsteck, Ward R. Mann

Cholesterol Management in the Ambulatory Setting for the Underserved
Jan/Feb 2003
Andrea Avolio, Cheryl Martin


Using Primary Care Assessment Survey in An Ambulatory Setting
Sep/Oct 2002
Lou Ann Hartley

Implementing Problem-Based Learning in Ambulatory Care
May/Jun 2002
Ruby A. Williams, Danna Sewell, Elizabeth Humphrey

Ambulatory Care Nursing Practice: Developing and Contributing to the Evidence Base
Mar/Apr 2002
Beth Ann Swan, Anne M. McGinley, Norma M. Lang


Identifying Best Practices in Telehealth Nursing: The Telehealth Survey
Nov/Dec 2001
M. Elizabeth Greenberg, Julie P. Cartwright

Providing Competent Care for Mentally Ill Persons: An Evidence-Based Goal for Ambulatory Care Nurses
Sep/Oct 2001
Madeline Vazquez

Executive Coaching: Professional Self-Care for Nursing Leaders
Jul/Aug 2001
Constance M. Savage

Ambulatory Case Management of the Nursing Home Population
May/Jun 2001
Suzanne Crosz, Julie Flick, Dawn Dawson, Marlene Alonzo, Diane Cooper

Infrastructure to Support Academic Nursing Practice
Mar/Apr 2001
Beth Ann Swan, Lois K. Evans


"One Stop Shopping" Geriatric Primary Care Clinic
Nov/Dec 2000
Mary Berger-Wesley

Credentialling, Contracting, & Reimbursement Nurse Practitioners
Sep/Oct 2000
Beth Ann Swan

The Domain of Telenursing: Issues & Prospects
Jul/Aug 2000
M. Elizabeth Greenberg

Nurse Executive as Coach and Mentor
May/Jun 2000
Melissa Goggin

Nursing Informatics: Using Uniform Language in Patient Care Documentation
Jan/Feb 2000
Cynthia B. Lundberg


What is the Issue: Pseudoaddiction or Undertreatment of Pain
Nov/Dec 1999
Nancy Kowal

Balanced Budget Act of 1997 Impact on a Nurse-Managed Academic Nursing Practice for Frail Elders
Sep/Oct 1999
Lois K. Evans

Adding Value by Expanding RN Roles In Ambulatory Care
Jul/Aug 1999
Peter Richter, Kate Felix

New Signposts and Directions: Indicators of Quality in Ambulatory Nursing Care
Mar/Apr 1999
Peg Mastal

Financing Strategies for a Community Nursing Center
Jan/Feb 1999
Beth Ann Swan


Specialty Practice Entrepreneur: The Advanced Practice Nurse
Sep/Oct 1998
Nancy Kowal

Growth Strategies to Optimize the Functions of Telephonic Nursing Call Centers
Jul/Aug 1998
Michael R. Bleich

Gleaning Patterns from Practice: Intelligent Systems in Ambulatory Care
May/Jun 1998
Phyllis Cullen

Outpatient Visit Planning: Turning Episodic Care into Comprehensive Care
Mar/Apr 1998
Elizabeth Dickey

Awake and Talking: Ambulatory Surgery And Conscious Sedation
Jan/Feb 1998
Debra Janikowski


Clinic Report Cards: Performance Improvement Reports in Ambulatory Care
Nov/Dec 1997
Linda Cook

Development of Telephone Nursing Practice Standards
Sep/Oct 1997
Kathleen C. Blanchfield

Collaboration-in a Variety of Ways-Creates Health Care Value
Jul/Aug 1997
Brad Dunevitz

Using RN Care Managers in...
May/Jun 1997
Julie Hackett Adams

The Changing Multidisciplinary Team
Clare Hastings

Supervision of Unlicensed Assistive Workers in Ambulatory Settings
Jan/Feb 1997
Sheila Haas