Call for Nursing Economic$ Manuscripts for Pivoting the Nursing Workforce: Global Challenges and Crises

The Nursing Economic$ January/February 2022 Special Issue will highlight how the nursing workforce must be better informed, educated, and responsive – pivoting toward global challenges and crises.

Nursing Economic$The message is clear: nursing and healthcare systems’ agility and ability to pivot must be steadfast, regardless of challenges falling on the shoulders of nurses.

Nurses worldwide are faced with factors such as structural racism, cost containment, resource allocation, and interprofessional collaboration when caring for individuals, families, communities, and populations.

With the shifting U.S. population demographics, health workforce shortages, and persistent health inequities, nurses have a moral imperative to address systemic racism and pervasive inequities in health care. Making the nursing profession equitable and inclusive requires actively combating structural racism, discrimination, systemic inequity, exclusion, and bias. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are values essential to the nursing workforce.

Nurses acting as stewards of the profession can fulfill their responsibility to influence both nursing and societal attitudes and behaviors by eradicating structural/systemic racism and discrimination and promoting social justice to overcome future global challenges and crises.

At the Nursing Economic$ Website, author resources for manuscript preparation are available. Questions related to this call for manuscripts can be directed to Editor Donna Nickitas thru Nursing Economic$ at

Deadline for manuscript submissions: September 3, 2021.

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